Professional Members

Professional Members are people who operate independently as sole trader or limited company, or  employed by a business or charity for which the individual makes presentations.

To qualify for Professional Member status, there must be payment for your speaking activities, in some way – either in the form of fees, salary or other income. In addition, Professional Members must be observed speaking by existing Members who support the application.

Professional Member must meet the following requirements:

  • Has given a minimum of 10 presentations, talks, speeches, webinars, training workshops, teleseminars, or other communications for audiences greater than 3 individuals during the previous 12 months;
  • Has a website and/or other marketing collateral which is professionally produced and indicates the speaking activities with which the applicant is involved; and
  • Has their application to join proposed by two people who are either Professional Members or Fellows of the PSSN, one of whom must have seen them speaking within the previous 12 months and who vouches for their speaking ability. Annual Due: N70,000 or $230.