Membership of the Professional Speaking Society of Nigeria [PSSN] is available to anyone who speaks professionally and should  do it well and  get paid for it, either in the form of a fee, or as part of their employment.

Speaking is any form of being in front of an audience and delivering spoken material which covers training, workshops, masterclasses, webinars, teleseminars, Google Hangouts, conference speeches, keynotes and any other activity that involves  using spoken words in front of an audience, wherever that audience may be and however they may be listening.

All grades of membership are only conferred on people whose subscription fees are fully paid and up-to-date.

All members must agree to the PSSN Code of Ethics and accept they will be bound by this code.

Why Join PSSN?

There are many benefits in joining The Professional Speakers Society of Nigeria [PSSN]. To start with, we provide the critical tools, techniques, professional connections and platform for you to deliver your message and share same with others.

Whatever the forum [conferences, seminars and other events] our expansive network of distinguished, talented and successful speakers are quite eager to welcome and help you achieve your dream as a professional speaker.

Resignation of Membership

Any member resigning from membership of PSSN shall not be entitled to any refund of dues or other fees. The resigning member remains obligated to pay any outstanding indebtedness to the Society.