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We are at all times fascinated about professionals or eminent speakers and personalities seeking agent representation. Our ultimate concern is in your credibility as a representative of your chosen field and in your ability to deliver, inspire, enlighten and regale an audience.

We seek speakers who will tantalize their listeners, leaving them with value and new perspectives. You can be certain that if you provide us credible information in the format we have provided below, you would benefit maximally in the following ways:

All speaker information submitted to us would be screened/reviewed for inclusion on our list of speakers. This information would always be available to our dedicated staff/executives looking for that perfect speaker for a client’s next conference or event;

Should suitable speaking opportunities arise, and we have the chance to recommend you to prospective clients, we would be willing to contact you to provide additional information and forward same on your behalf;

Inclusion on our list of speakers is not a promise for engagement by prospective clients. However, you can be sure that a web profile or ongoing representation would certainly widen your exposure in our Society. As our relationship with you blossoms, we would contact you to discuss with you additional critical areas to deepen the partnership;

We would visit your website regularly [ if you have one] to obtain updated information on your profile that relates to your speakership proficiency;

We are committed to providing quality representation to a select number of professional and expert speakers in Nigeria and, indeed, Africa. We are unable, however, to accept representation from all speakers who desire to be a part of the speaking industry; and

Given the share volume of requests that we receive regularly, we are unable to respond immediately to every proposal for representation and may not be able to immediately address follow-up phone calls or emails. You can be sure, though,  that we would respond in a timely manner.

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