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We are pleased to welcome you to the world of Professional Speakers Society of Nigeria.

We represent some of the finest speakers in Nigeria who are the leaders in what they do. They are passionate, articulate, thought-provoking, action-oriented and many have earned national and international recognition in various fields: business, risk management, leadership, ICT, society, governance, compliance, climate and environmental issues, sports, entertainment, project management organizational transformation, finance, economics, etc. And more importantly, many have proven their value through blockbusting books, breakthrough new ideas and the advancement of business concepts.

We concentrate in serving the requirements of organizations both in the public and private sectors. We are resolutely committed to helping you create astonishing conferences and events.

We work in a dynamic and friendly environment, emphasizing creativity and mutual respect. We are proud of our reputation for scrupulousness and integrity among speakers, clients and colleagues.

Every organization is always organizing an event to innovate, educate, inspire or simply wow their audiences so PSSN is privileged to be in a position to engage these valued individuals to speak, conduct workshops, moderate events, attend panel discussions, advise clients and attend board meetings for strategic direction and cutting-edge input.

Our clients are always engaging our speakers to address the topics that affect the performance of their organizations and institutions and are always appreciative of the unique insights and achievements of our speakers.

PSSN highly qualified consultants are the links to our speakers and are known for their rapid response and attention to detail when it comes to specific requests from our clients and speakers. We commend ourselves on treating each enquiry delicately in the most professional manner and we always do our best to accommodate the unique requests of our clients and speakers.

According to Steve Droke ,“Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch” .Pull the switch by  contacting us to see how we can support you with speakers for your next event.

Some comments about PSSN are:

‘’ The establishment of PSSN is a welcome development in Nigeria. A huge gap has been bridged’’.

‘’ At last, Nigeria has joined the comity of nations in making public speaking a profession to be proud of’’.